Campus Commerce Solutions

Streamline student purchasing on- and off-campus

Campus commerce solutions

Provide students an easy way to connect all campus purchases across integrated point-of-sale solutions tied to campus ID cards or mobile credentials.

Custom Options

Support a wide range of retail and dining transactions with industry-leading devices including point-of-sale registers, kiosk, mobile registers, kitchen management tools and partnerships, and real-time online mobile ordering.

Campus Commerce Solutions

Full service

Flexible hardware platforms for industry-wide retail and dining operations, including a mobile suite for on-the-go operations, including kiosks.

Campus Commerce Solutions

Off-campus merchants

Heighten the value of the campus ID by extending campus commerce purchases to off-campus merchants.

Campus Commerce Solutions

Mobile ordering

Ultimate convenience and personalization for your students with real-time mobile ordering.


One solution with many possibilities

Tailor the capabilities that work best for your campus




Designed specifically for the needs of higher education retail operations, Transact Cloud POS makes your job easier while delivering a feature-rich dining experience for your students.

selectnotselectFlexible and scalable
Track on-hand inventory for retail and convenience stores and leverage wireless and cellular networking options for food trucks and outdoor events. Scanners, scales, transaction terminals, and many other peripherals are supported. Support multiple tenders including credential-driven transactions.
selectnotselectReal-time visibility
Access centralized, real-time reports from virtually anywhere with our user-friendly interface. The automatic report scheduler distributes user-defined comprehensive reports via email.
selectnotselectEasily adaptable
Solutions are compatible with all popular web browsers and allow staff to conveniently add and publish sales items. Cashier and user access levels are customizable.
Campus Commerce Solutions

Mobile Ordering

Provide the ultimate convenience for your students with real-time mobile ordering.

Campus Solutions Features
Fully customizable
Campus Solutions Features
No transaction fees
Campus Solutions Features
Built for campus auxiliary and dining services
Campus Solutions Features
Simple ordering process
Mobile Ordering

Print and Copy

Provide students with an easy way to pay for printing and copying with a widely-compatible and flexible system allowing you to monitor, control, and report on document output.

Campus Commerce Solutions


Extend your cashless operations even further by including vending in your program with a system compatible with third-party vendors and a choice of wired or wireless high-functioning devices.

Campus Commerce Solutions

Off-Campus Merchant Program

Allow students to make cashless purchases with their campus ID at off-campus institution-approved merchant locations.

Campus Solutions FeaturesCampus Solutions FeaturesIncrease value
Heighten the value of your student ID card and mobile credential program by extending cashless payments to university-approved off-campus merchants.
Campus Solutions FeaturesCampus Solutions FeaturesEnhance service offerings
Strengthen town-and-gown relationships with off-campus merchant product and service offerings.
Campus Solutions FeaturesCampus Solutions FeaturesGrow revenue
Increase incremental stored value deposits and revenue with customized, off-campus marketing services and campaigns.
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